Lewis Creek Boer Goats will be consigning this year's wethers to the following sales. 
We have been raising goats for over 20 years and we can say without hesitation, THIS YEAR'S WETHER CROP IS THE BEST WE HAVE EVER MADE!!! Preview pictures will be up soon.


Wethers listed in above sales.


Current Herdsires

  Double Dose
We are pleased to announce the half interest purchase in Double Dose from Showbarn Genetics.  Dose has made champion wethers from Indiana to Georgia and across to Texas!  His genetics include Raff Triton, and Raff Animal.  We have him bred to a few of our does for December kids and even more coming in April.  Thanks to Alvin Tingle for selling us part of this proven sire.
Lewis Creek Triple's Trouble

He is a son of Triple Threat that we have retained for our herd. His mother is one of our top producing does (pedigree includes Another Notch, Powersource, Freight train, Stud Monkey, & Trump). The pictures show that he is the real deal. We used him sparingly for a few Spring 2014 kids and were thrilled with the results. Thanks to James Perkins and family of KY for their purchase of half interest.

Here is the first wether out of Triple's Trouble.  Thanks to Slate Run Showstock and exhibitor, Laken Pudliner, for taking him to first place in class 1 at NAILE.  We look forward to what he will do in the future!

AFB2 Stinger

AFB2 Stinger (Anderson Fraser Boer Goats), is owned in partnership with our neighbors, Meier Girls Boer Goats. He is a son of 2013 Ft. Worth Champion Buck, AABG Face The Facts (HBS Absolute son) over a double bred Full Proof daughter. Lary Duncan has sold flush mate brothers and semen for a lot of $ and he falls right in with them. He is extremely hard to the touch, wide in his pins and square on both ends.

AABG/NBD Triple Threat
Born: 2/2/2007

We recently purchased half interest in this young buck from Able Acres/Nathan Duncan. He is TRIPLE BRED 900! Sire is Mike Kelly's Curly and his Dam is a 900 daughter. HE was Lary's pick of this flush and we are pleased to add his genetics to our herd. He has all of the power that you expect from the 900 genetics with a touch more look and a beautiful level hip. We can't wait for his kids to hit the ground beginning next March.

Born: 2/2/2007

Lewis Creek/ALTO PSI has been a huge part of the Lewis Creek and Show Barn Genetics herds. He has produced champion wethers, does and market does in Indiana, Georgia, Mississippi, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and a few others. You get the idea, he makes good ones. We have lined him up on many of our Another Notch and Sting daughters to make some great ones.

DOB: 2/2/07 BDF Power Source Powell/Holman 2SIS 139N Bingo *Ennobled* 2SIS 324M *Ennobled*
2SIS 51K
BDF M08 *Ennobled* Yabu *Ennobled*
CCF2 Southern Image LCBG Lewis Creek Trump *Ennobled* RRD P463 *Ennobled*
Lewis Creek Point of Grace
KSR P152 SGF N44 Tae Ban
Born: 1/29/2004

BDF Another Notch *Ennobled* did more for our herd and also for Showbarn Genetics than we could have ever dreamed. He stamped his kids with the rib shape, flared hip and incredible power that we were hoping for when we bought him. His daughters and grand daughters are an integral part of our herds. Most of the champion wethers that we have produced over the last several years have his genetics in their pedigree.
DOB: 01/29/04 Powell/Holman 2SIS 139N Bingo *Ennobled* 2SIS 324M *Ennobled* 726CL-91 Classic 91-98
2SIS 51K Tabu *Ennobled*
BDF M08 *Ennobled* Yabu *Ennobled* Tabu *Ennobled*
2SIS Tamu *Ennobled
96207130 NBBG TSJAKA *Ennobled*
Born: 1/6/2007

Lewis Creek Sting *Ennobled* carried on with his father's rib and top shape and added a touch of pretty to his kids. 2M Boer Goats now owns Sting. Many goats in their show string are daughters and grand daughters of Sting.

DOB: 01/6/07 BDF Another Notch Powell/Holman 2SIS 139N Bingo *Ennobled* 2SIS 324M *Ennobled*
2SIS 51K
BDF M08 *Ennobled* Yabu *Ennobled*
AABG NBD/Lewis Creek Roxanne LCBG Lewis Creek Trump *Ennobled* RRD P463 *Ennobled*
Lewis Creek Point of Grace
FSE 1158 Sadie HMR Sumo *Ennobled*
FSE 9099 Millie
Born: 3/18/2003

Lewis Creek Trump *Ennobled was named National Reserve Junior Champion at the 2003 ABGA National Show.

We lost Trump way too early, but his winning tradition continues in his offspring. He will be Ennobled from his first 4 Fullblood kids. At the 2005 ABGA National Show, his offspring (5 were exhibited) accumulated 85 Ennoblement Points, including National Champion Junior Fullblood Doe! Trump is now Ennobled!!

DOB: 03/18/03 RRD P463 "Ace" Ryals Topbrass *Ennobled* EGGS Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*
RRD Nikita J34
RRD Magnum's Beauty *Ennobled* EGGS Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*
Powell/Holman 2SIS 105J
Lewis Creek Point of Grace NBBG K126 Simba DOW2 J43
Gatwood Farms Lady Sunshine Mzuri
Born: 11/25/2004

Trump's Final Blast, aka: "Blaster"
Overall Champion Buck- 2005 Indiana State Fair
Junior Champion Buck- 2005 Indiana State Fair
Reserve Junior Champion Buck- 2005 Tri State Boer Classic
Overall Champion Buck- 2005 Arkansas State Fair
Junior Champion Buck- 2005 Arkansas State Fair 2005
Junior Champion Buck- 2005 Boergoats.com Online Show

Now owned by: www.xs-ranch.com

DOB: 11/25/04 Lewis Creek Trump *Ennobled RRD P465 *Ennobled Ryals Top Brass  *Ennobled*
RRD Magnum's Beauty *Ennobled*
Lewis Creek Point of Grace NBBG K126
Gatwood Farms Lady Sunshine
7A+ Camellia DSM 9B47 Rainey EGGSfile  *Ennobled*
DSM Wobbles SA *Ennobled 
DSM Miss Star Dancing DSM Cloud Dancing
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