Lewis Creek Point of Grace

"Gracie" is the doe that took our herd to the next level. She is the dam of Lewis Creek Trump *Ennobled*, Lewis Creek Aragorn and Lewis Creek Gandolf. She will be ennobled from her only 3 kids.


Lewis Creek
Point of Grace
NBBG K126 DOW2 J43 Ubora  *Ennobled*
519 (994-352)  *Ennobled*  
10001456 NBBG Tsjaka *Ennobled*
South African Stud #994-331
Gatwood Farms Lady Sunshine Mzuri 4BB 260 CD S. African
S. African Stud (617/192)
96122046 444/868
S. African Stud #444/914
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Lewis Creek Boer Goats
Greg & Thecla Patterson

12700 East 400 South
Elizabethtown, IN 47232

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